Martial Arts Enthusiast, Podcaster & Founder of Yoga Brotherhood

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A multi sport athlete who represented Australia in Rugby League. Jaime’s pro career ended in 2011 after sustaining injury. A Yoga practice for physical therapy in 2012 marked the first steps of a deeper journey along the Yoga path. Jaime since founded the Yoga Brotherhood, a cornerstone for Mens Health & Optimisation. Fostering Yoga as its central practice, the Brotherhood has a primary emphasis on Community.



Science & spirituality agree, we all vibrate on a particular frequency. As an athlete, fighter, entrepreneur & consciousness explorer, I’ve spent my life yoyo’ing from low to high vibration. In that time i’ve figured out what helps & what hinders and this very humble PODCAST is dedicated to sharing some of the spectacular wins & epic failures I’ve had on that path of education. Join me as I interview world class guests, getting their perspective on big issues, while uncovering the tools & techniques they use to succeed & live life on High Frequency.

Certifications & Qualifications
Post Ice Bath with the ICEMAN Wim Hof



Jaime is a registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) studying with the School of Sacred Arts. Certified in Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa & Swara Yoga.

Other Certifications & Qualifications include –

Diploma of Fitness (PT), NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for Coaching, Wim Hof Method student + workshop attendee and Beginner/Intermediate level Muay Thai coach.