The Key to Success is Mindset

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Meditation A quick "How To" by Glenda LamaroArtwork by Alex Grey

Mindset is the single greatest determining factor for success in any life endeavour. Whether we seek success in business, as an athlete, in our relationships or to simply realise complete happiness – Mindset is the absolute key.

We all have a Mindset… It’s an established set of attitudes we currently hold. The foundations of our current mindset are developed throughout our early childhood. Where we live, our culture and background all have an affect. Our parents, siblings, teachers & piers play a substantial role in our conditioning. Imprinting their values, attitudes & beleifs on to us.  This can be called sociocultural conditioning.

These attitudes form together to make up our mindset. Over time, our day to day actions & interactions strengthen these attitudes until they become established, literally hard wiring our brains with this foundational & fundamental belief system.

This imprinting in our early childhood happens to us regardless. We are like sponges, literally soaking up everything in our environment. We have little to no control over the acquiring of attitudes from parents & pier’s, even if they do not serve us, or are malignant. In those early years it is highly likely we will adopt these attitudes as our own when forming our initial mindset. It is then increasingly easy for our mindset to be contaminated. We can inherit & be literally made up of a mixture of negative attitudes. We may learn to become limited, defeatist’s, pessimistic, cynical or depressive, even when it isn’t our true nature.

More often we define ourselves as optimistic & goal driven, however, the conflicts that exist deep in our foundational belief system end up stopping us from self actualising or becoming successful.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

– Abraham Lincoln

Mindset Training is the rewiring of our neural network. While setting pattern interrupters to stop the old default network from taking over. While sounding complex, this powerful technique is actually profoundly simple & can be facilitated in total comfort.

Your current mindset is creating your reality. If you want to radically improve your reality, you must first radically improve your mindset.

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